We have upgraded multiple Police Department systems to the latest version of IMC including migrating IMC data from an old server or computer to a new server or virtual server. We work closely with TriTech and CJIS to ensure there is no data loss and to ensure downtime is at a minimum. We also have migrated IMC Switches to virtual servers and work closely with CJIS to upgrade technology used within the switches. The IMC Switch is used in Police Departments with dispatchers and cruisers with MDTs that connect to the departments live IMC database.

Many larger departments utilize a CJIS router to get connectivity to the FBI's NCIC. In many departments, they are still utilizing a dial-up (56k) modem. We work closely with the state to either upgrade your connection utilizing your already existing internet connection, or by getting you VPN access, eliminating the need for the dial-up 56k connection.


Our specialities aren't restricted to working with Police Departments. We also can migrate any and all data from one server or computer to a new computer, server, or virtual server without any data loss. This occurs most often when you are upgrading computers for an employee. We work closely with vendors in order to ensure there is very minimal downtime. We've migrated data for products such as: Munis, Vadar, Vision Appraisal, IMC, TrackStar, RedAlert, and AmbuPro.



Let us take control of your backup situation. If you aren't backing up your data then you're not prepared for disasters, device failures, or simple accidental deletions. We can install an appliance at your location which can backup up 2TB+ (2000 gigabytes). We recommend backing up PC's, servers, and virtual servers with databases installed on them (IMC, AmbuPro, Vadar, Vision Appraisal, Munis), and any other vital documents that are saved to your main server.



Do you have an old server or no server? Are you running out of space on your current server? If you are answering yes to any of these, it's time to consider upgrading. We have years of experience getting servers installed, connecting workstations to the new server, and then transferring data onto the new server. Once you have a new server, we can also start virtualizing some of your vital systems and putting them on their own dedicated servers. We've already done this for multiple departments and software solutions including IMC, IMC Switch, Vision, Vadar, TrackStar, and many more.


Do you have a server with virtualization running or do you have a server that you would like to leverage to virtualize some of your vital software applications? We do lots of virtualizations to simply keep systems organized and to have multiple fail overs in the event that a server fails. If a physical server fails and your virtual server was on it, more often than not, we can get that data back and the virtual server up and running. Virtualization is a great idea when you want to get rid of your old machines which are running software your department or company utilizes on a daily basis. If you have a dedicated machine running software that you use on a daily basis, what would you do if that computer died? Virtualize it now before it becomes a problem.